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It is never an easy call when you want to apply for Affordable Housing, You should be certain about your decision.

Here are few things you should consider before investing or buying anaffordable housing for yourself.

Location – The most important aspect of selecting any property is Location, Location, and Location. It is the prominent factor which can help one to cherish the property purchase decision or repent it lifelong. A good location is judged by various parameters which reflect overall livability index of a particular geographical zone. In affordable housing, though the location of the project is never in density zone but it lies in most upcoming zones which are partially developed. Hence, the project whose location promises the best proposition must be considered when you apply for affordable housing.
Builder Background – When trusting a person to help you cherish your dream of buying an own home, a background check must prioritize. There are a plethora of projects in the market by few known and many unknown developers. Hence, one should always verify developers credentials based on his experience, project delivery record, reputation, feedback from customers etc. Signature Global is among leading affordable housing player in North India.
The scope of appreciation – Real estate is an asset class instrument. It is a multi-utility product which is a need as well as an investment. If the sole purpose of purchasing a home is an investment, then one should always opt for projects which can multiply investment. A thorough research of the locality, developer, project is must which will help to evaluate the proposition in a much better way.

Site Layout – These projects are been developed for masses hence there are several concessions in regard to affordable housing projects. One must check the site layout plan to ascertain the location of various amenities in the project and their approach. It also gives a fair idea about the covered area, green area, pavements, parking, utility zones. One must check that there is enough space between the buildings which ensures proper ventilation and direct reach of sunlight.
Choice of Flats – There are usually two options (1 BHK and 2 BHK) to choose from in any project. But the developers design many options under each category with varied floor plans so that an applicant can have a wide choice to take a sound decision regarding the apartment. Once should always opt for a project which has multiple categories, it helps to select the best-suited property as well as increases the chance of allotment.

Flats per floor – Usually, Two or Four apartments per floor are a norm for Luxury/Premium condominiums whereas Six apartments per floor are standard for Mid-scale Group Housing societies but in affordable housing it ranges from Eight to Ten apartments per floor. Once should always opt for projects which have Eight apartments per floor as such project will be better planned and equipped. There is the project with Ten/Twelve apartments per floor, but then residents of such projects will feel claustrophobic and cramped. Hence, it’s best to avoid such options.

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Stilt or Ground – If one closely observes the layout of each tower in a project, you will come across “S+12/G+14” terms. “S+12” denotes that the tower will have a tilt and 12 floors which there won’t be any apartment on Ground Floor and that area will be used for parking. “G+14” denotes that the tower will have an apartment on Ground Floor and will be 14 stories high. Generally, one should opt projects with stilt options as it enhances the parking space in the building.

Balcony – Affordable housing projects can come up with a maximum of 100 sqft of the balcony for each apartment. This balcony can be attached to the Drawing room, Kitchen or Bedrooms. Once should check the floor plan and study the location and area of balcony in detail. Projects which have a single balcony or Small balcony or balcony attached only with kitchen must not be preferred.

Kitchen – The standard size of Kitchen in an affordable housing project is 9” X 7” sqft. The location of the kitchen in the house is prime importance as per Vaastu. One should ascertain that the Kitchen is well ventilated and should not share any wall with washroom. Also, prefer an apartment with a distinctive Kitchen layout as many projects have amalgamated Kitchen and drawing room area.You should consider is when you apply for Affordable Housing.

Washrooms – Generally, one BHK has One Washroom with separate WC area and Bath area whereas Two BHKs two washrooms. One washroom is attached with master bedroom whereas the second washroom is shared between second bedroom and drawing room. In few projects, both washrooms are attached with both the bedrooms and such layouts are highly preferred. In certain projects, washrooms are not attached with any bedroom in any configuration. Such layouts are not user-friendly and can be avoided.

One Side or Two Side Open – Three Side open apartments are common USPs of luxury apartments. But in affordable segment, apartments are mostly One Side open due to various FSI constraints. In certain projects, few apartments are open from two sides which ensure ample availability of fresh air and Sunlight. Such apartments are lapped up immediately and highly in demand.

Other Amenities – Affordable housing projects do provide basic amenities which are useful for its occupants rather than providing high maintenance facilities which are rendered useless due to lack of proper usage. Almost all projects have beautifully landscaped gardens, play area for Kids, Jogging track, Community hall. Few even have a swimming pool for the residents. Hence, amenities also play a vital role in decision making and projects must be evaluated on facilities as well.

Availability of Car Parking – There is no dedicated four wheeler parking in any affordable housing project, but they do have certain areas earmarked for four wheeler parking. Two wheeler parking is complementary with each apartment. Many projects have been designed in such a way that they have space only for visitor car parking. Such projects must be avoided. Certain projects have ample space for car parking which can accommodate parking requirement of all residents.

The choice for applying in flats – Usually, an applicant has a choice to apply in his preferred category of the apartment which gives him hope and sense of fulfillment as one opts for the layout which is most similar to their need. But in certain projects, developers do not allow applicants to have a choice and the applicant can be allotted any apartment in the configuration which is unfair. Such projects are best to be avoided.

Present Day Infrastructure – As mentioned, affordable housing projects are being laughed in developing areas of the city. The facilities or infrastructure presently available will not match up to the city center, but one should always have a detailed inspection of the area and its infrastructure. One must ensure that the metaled roads lead to the project, power supply, drainage work is partially available. All necessary infrastructure is mandatory developed before granting occupation.

Nearby Amenities – All affordable housing projects are High-Density habitations. With such a large population in future, one must evaluate access of amenities such supermarkets, malls, utility offices, petty shops, Banks, ATM, Food courts, Multiplexes in the vicinity. Any amenity which is not projected to be available in distant future around the project will hamper the quality of life and such projects must be reconsidered.

Construction Quality – Each project will be constructed as per pre-decided delivery schedule under the strict vigilance of Department of Town & Country planning, but the major observation must be around technology and procedures which will be used for construction. Certain developers like Signature Global are using high precision technology for speedy and quality construction. Using general construction technique might lead to the delay in possession.

Approach Road – Any project which has been granted the license by the government has an approach to the site either from 24 Meter or 60 Meter or 75 Meter road. Usually, affordable housing projects have the approach from 24-meter wide road but certain projects have the better location in contrast and are approachable from a 60-meter road. Access from wider road ensures ease of travel, freedom from traffic congestion, easy access of public transportation.

Green Area – A maximum of 50% open area is allowed as per building bylaws under affordable housing policy. One must analyze how judiciously the developer has utilized the open area for Pathways, Amenities, Parking, Green Area. Certain projects have well laid green area with a coverage of around 35% green area and central gardens of up to 1.5 acres. Such projects should be preferred as Green areas are most widely used by children and elderly people for relaxation and do give a soothing effect and distinct look to the project.

Other projects in Vicinity – The presence of projects from reputed developers in a particular area have a resounding effect on the development and demand of the area. It ensures higher appreciation of the property, better living standard, the presence of urban gentry, ample availability of commercial centers and future infrastructure development. If any affordable project is located amidst such reputed projects, be assured that it will be high in demand after completion and will help reap huge financial benefits in terms of property appreciation.


So, now you don’t have to face a dilemma when you apply for affordable housing. Just check all these things and you will be able to evaluate the best option in the market.

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