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ignature Global had launched its project GRAND IVA on the auspicious eve of Navratri. The project has created a positive vibe in such bull market that it gave a reason to all stakeholders in realty market to celebrate and welcome this new year pompously.

Here we list out 11 solid reasons why one should opt for Signature Global Projects.

1- Realty – If one closely observes the tagline of the developer, Realty does signify the field but it is way much more than that. One of the finest upcoming brand in Real estate in India.

2- Reliability – The foundations on which the company is built are rock steady, It is the most authentic and definitive developer. It is the most reliable company in terms of quality, construction, pricing, delivery, customer support.

3- Responsibility – Accountability creates responsibility. The developer has earned the respect and trust by its craftsmanship of understanding the actual consumer pain and breaking the barrier where no other developer ever ventured. Highly responsible towards all stakeholders.

4- Trust – Trust is paramount. Life begins and ends with it. When a person wishes to fulfil its long cherished dream of buying his own house, the credibility of the developer or past experiences holds him back. Signature Global has the track record which every customer can be proud of.

5- Deliverability – It is the only developer in Gurgaon region to launch 4 project back to back. There had been an era when developers used to launch projects at a drop of a hat but when it came to delivering those projects, the buyers are running pillar to post to get their dream home. Signature Global will deliver its projects well before time as it is a responsible brand.

6- Vision – The founders of the group has a grand vision of being leading player in affordable housing segment. With 3 projects under construction and 1 under launch, it is poised to launch few more projects to take its kitty to a bouquet of 10 projects.

7- Brand Recall – Iconic brands are not built in a day, Be it Coco Cola or DLF. Signature Global is destined to be an ICONIC brand in Indian Realty as it’s transforming the Over Priced Gurgaon Real Estate market to affordable pocket-friendly Destination for first home buyers.

8- Customer Care – The biggest problem of real estate sector is After Sales Service. The customer is mentally harassed and appalled and is always regretful to have trusted dacoits with his dreams. Signature Global has dedicated a team of professionals who are prompt and precise for any customer grievance, making the property purchase a delightful experience. 3000+ customers are privileged to have such service.

9- Quality – Affordable housing being a low priced property, the customers are always suspicious about construction quality. The properties of Signature Global are rightly priced so that best of class ingredients are used to create a masterpiece. Use of MIVAN Technology which is literally expensive but ensures speedy construction is being used in all its previous projects to deliver a product which will last centuries

10- Location – Realty is all about Location, Location and Location. Signature Global projects are located on all upcoming destinations which will help its customers to reap huge benefits in terms of quality of life, social life and financially.

11 -Innovative – It has many firsts to its kitty. Time bound allotment through the draw, Ease of online application, Strict adherence to Govt Policy and timelines.
We, at Dharohar Realty, wishes you a prosperous and rich Diwali. May all your property woes vanishes and Goddess bless you umpteen reasons to cherish your investments life long.

Be a Smart Investor !!

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